About Mabina

Mabina is an accessory artist.

She was born in Kobe, Japan, lived in Canada, the UK and now calls Brisbane her home.

Mabina’s artistic talent and passion comes from her Japanese heritage, and was influenced by her grandmother who was very much the avant garde of her time in Japan.

Her unique skill in fashion accessories reflects the heritage, purity and beauty of her birth place, Japan.

From her studio in Brisbane, Mabina uses the finest materials such as vintage Kimono fabrics, traditional Japanese fabrics, leather, Japanese Yuzen papers, many other materials from Australia and all over the world to bring her collection to life.

She learnt the traditional “Kanzashi Flower” (called Tsumami-Zaiku in Japanese) technique in Kyoto and Tokyo and adapted the technique to some of her fabric collections. She also created her own techniques to create contemporary, unique fusion pieces.

Her unisex leather range is developed based on her interest in Japanese Zen spirit and culture. This range has been created to achieve a contemporary and yet elegant look and feel.

Each piece is individually hand crafted with heart and soul by Mabina and most of her pieces are rarely repeated, unless requested by the customer.

Mabina also designs clothing and bags for both male and female customers.

She runs workshops at various organisations in Brisbane such as:

– Queensland State Library Book Shop – http://www.shop.slq.qld.gov.au/made-by-mabina

– Hands on Brisabne – http://handsonbrisbane.com/

Occasionally at Craft Giraffe – http://www.craftgiraffe.com.au/

– Occasionally at GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) – https://www.qagoma.qld.gov.au/

In addition to the above, she also runs workshops on request.

All up coming workshop schedules are posted on www.mabinaalaka.com or facebook

and also has her accessories at :

– GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) – http://www.qagoma.qld.gov.au/

– Queensland State Library Bookshop – http://www.shop.slq.qld.gov.au/made-by-mabina

– Hanasho – http://hanasho.com.au/

– RANT Clothing – http://www.rantclothing.com.au/

– From Japan Only – http://fromjapanonly.com/

– The annual QAGoMA Design Market – https://www.facebook.com/events/144380662413050/

She is also a qualified Interior Designer and has worked in the industry which has given her very valuable opportunity and a rich experience.

Mabina’s Studio
Mabina Alaka has a specially designed workshop based in Brisbane. Please make an appointmnet to see the broad selection of earrings, jewellery, bracelets, fascinators, brooches and more. Whether you’re preparing for your wedding day, the races, a school formal, a ball or just want a piece of unique jewellery to enjoy, Mabina can help you out with your needs. It is where the magic happens and if you would to come in to the workshop to discuss a custom-made accessory or view our reach in a tangible way, write us a message!

Please contact Mabina if you would like something special created.